ASIS Boats are the manufacturer of the first amphibious craft every built in the GCC.

Whether you are a professional or a recreational mariner, once you’ve been on an ASIS Amphibious Craft, you wont be able to go back. The mobility, versatility and freedom it gives you are unparalleled.

Straight driving onto any beach
Immediate steering and parking next to you beach house
Accessibility to the shallowest water
Access to areas of high tidal range
Ease of entry to previously inaccessible areas of operation.
Unique Rescue Capability and Flood Response
Extremely fast Deployment Response
Ability to Traverse Obstacles, Variable Depths and Debris

The Sealegs® amphibious technology system is available as an upgrade option for all ASIS boats ranging from 5.1 meter to 12 meter whether for Recreational, Professional or Military purposes and is available on both outboard and inboard powered boats.

The Sealegs® system consists of motorized, retractable and steerable wheels, powering the boat with off-water capabilities.
The entire system is marinised and stays completely out of the water while underway. This means there is no compromise to on-water performance.
Once fitted with the amphibious technology Sealegs®, any ASIS RHIB will be able to travel directly between land and sea by the use of three retractable wheels with a hydraulic system linked to an inboard motor.

Go beyond reading about the life changing experience of the ASIS Amphibious craft and click here to arrange for a sea trial and become part of our amphibious world.

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  • amphibious rib boat 8.4m
  • amphibious boat 8.4m

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