At ASIS we bring concepts to reality, providing you the solution to your most complex mission needs.

When a standard off-the- shelf boat will not meet your needs, let the ASIS team innovate a custom designed solution. ASIS Boats are the number #1 choice for military, law enforcement, first-responder and commercial users whenever a custom solution is needed.


1.  Preliminary Design

From concept to detailed plans and budgets, CPT performs a wide range of services in the preliminary design stage. This can include:

  • A thorough review of the customer’s plans, specifications and applications
  • Provide cost / benefit analysis for alternative approaches through value engineering
  • Provide preliminary application analysis
  • CPT Develop concept / proposal drawings and provide CAD details.
  • Determine the best approach to solving the customer’s requirements and needs through standard products, modified products, or development of a customized boat that could ultimately become a standard product.
Rib Boats
Rigid Inflatable Boats

2.  Estimate and Quotation

ASIS Boats’ estimating team can assist customers in all aspects of the bidding process from initial budjet estimates to final quotation. Preliminary designs can be continually refined and reviewed throughout our process. A thorough application engineering review is prepared for each estimate. To ensure that high quality products can be produced at competitive prices, the customer’s design intent and application are considered for each cost analysis, resulting in a clearly defined quotation.

3.  Design finalization and Approvals

Once the design is finalized and approved, ASIS Boats proceeds with the preparation of the molds for the Fiberglass parts, cutting list for the Aluminum and SS elements as well as the upholstery and accessories. This will insure that the product quality will be consistent as well as increase our production capacity enabling us to meet the shortest deadline to proceed with delivery.

Military Boats
Military Boats

4.  Production

An ASIS Boat project manager is assigned to assure the highest level of service from contract award through shop drawings, project engineering, material take-off, factory coordination, shipping and delivery.

5.  Testing

All our boats are tested on water prior to Delivery and an on water Test Certification is issued. Moreover, our Boats have undergone vigorous testing in the Middle East complying with all International Standards and giving a Certificate of Compliance.

It is at this stage also that a certifying body comes along to issue the certification requested. Sample of Tests:
  • Stability Test
  • Loading Test
  • Swamp Test
  • Flooded Stability Test
  • Righting Test
  • Seating strength test
  • Seating space Test
  • Release Mechanism Test – simultaneous release
  • Release Mechanism Test – Load test
  • Towing release Test
  • Operational Test – Life raft towing
  • Operational Test – Endurance, speed and fuel consumption
  • Operational Test – Engine Out of water
  • Operational Test – Compass Test
  • Operational Test – Maneuverability with paddles or oars
  • Operational Test – Heavy Weather Sea Test
  • Towing Test
  • Painter Release Test
  • Strength Test – Impact, Drop and Operation after impact
  • Drop Test
  • Strength Test – Overload Test
  • Strength Test – Mooring out Test
  • Inflation Chamber Characteristic Test
Rib boats
Rib Boats

6.  Delivery and Training


ASIS Boats have been designed to enable the craft to be deployed using any specified modes of transport (land, sea or air). ASIS factory Close Proximity to the port and the prime location of UAE in the worldwide map give a great edge in terms of fast delivery to any destination worldwide.


The level of training desired varies for each customer. We can customize a training program to meet your needs to include: boat maintenance and operation, navigation, helmsman ship in adverse sea states or low visibility environments and high-speed maneuvering.

Our basic training course includes: Basic care and maintenance of your boat, boat ramp, vehicle-trailer launch and recovery, fundamentals of underway safety, navigational and communication electronics use, advanced boat handling techniques for low speed close-quarter maneuvering and high-speed operations.


7.  After Sales Services

We offer repairs, servicing, diagnostics, boat modifications and upgrade to private boat owners, companies and the public sector.

We have specialized tools and trained mechanics to work on your boat(s) and aim to provide a professional, and quick service to all our customers. We also stock maintenance products from specialized products lines enabling us to respond immediately to any service call in the event any section or element of the boat is damaged. ASIS also offers after sales service contracts to their customers. Please contact our Team for specific terms.

The company driven by Design, Safety, Performance & Quality

Included in every product and service, of course, is the hallmark of ASIS BOATS: Design, Safety, Performance & Quality you can count on for performance, and sustainability.

To provide years of dependable use, your new boat must have excellence built-in from the beginning. All production processes at ASIS Boats are vertically integrated in one location to ensure control of quality, delivery and cost. Special or modified products, as well as ASIS Boats standard products, are produced at the company’s Dubai factory, continuously acquiring the latest and most technologically advanced equipment to complement our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Dubai.

“DRIVEN by Design, Safety, Performance & Quality” is not a slogan it is the very ethos by which our company operates. For this reason we are committed to providing the most qualified staff, who engineer quality into the product with all the materials, actions and processes that go into the product. ASIS BOATS Design, Safety, Performance & Quality is clearly evident in the materials that reach our customers and further proven when used for your project.

ASIS Boats’ Custom Team Project is a team with special expertise for solving any aspect of a customer’s unique challenges, requirements & needs. The group’s services begin early in design phases and extend through the after sales service.

Military Boats