Our comprehensive ASIS line-up of Law-Enforcement Boats are all multi-mission configurable to include:

Harbor Patrol/Defense, Natural Resource/Fishery Enforcement, High-Speed Vessel Interception, High Value Asset (HVA) Force Protection and Riverine & Coastal Security Operations to name just a few.

Because these vessels must be capable of these extremely diverse missions at any different time, ASIS Boats have specifically engineered its vessels to be greatly customizable.


ASIS Rigid Inflatable boats for search & rescue have an outstanding hull performance.

They are manufactured for the “no failure” zone applications where reliability and consistency are critical to the success of the mission.

The ASIS Search & Rescue Rib boats have exceptional high load carrying capacity in excess of 1.5 tons with the ability to run continuously at speeds of 100 km/h in deep sea or seas as shallow as 1m.

The surface effect hull enables the Rib boat to make high tactical turns and withstand rough sea conditions.

Skilled boatmen can drive it hard in large waves without fear of submerging the bow.

Combining Security and stability with comfort and speed, the ASIS Search & Rescue Rib boats have been designed to endure and perform well in the worst circumstances.

Featuring scuba tank holders, divers ladders and emergency side door allowing an easy entering space for injured people on a stretcher, the ASIS Search & Rescue Rigid Inflatable Boat is unique.


  • Law Enforcement Interceptor 14m
  • Law Enforcement RIB Boat 8m 3
  • Law Enforcement RIB Boat 8m  3
  • Law Enforcement RIB Boat 8m 2
  • Law Enforcement RIB Boat 8m 1
  • commercial customized rib 9 5m
  • commercial search rescue boat 7 2m
  • commercial search rescue craft 5 5m
  • search and rescue boat 6 5m
  • search and rescue rib 8m
  • search rescue boat 6 5 m
  • search rescue boat 8m
  • search rescue rhib 6 5m
  • search rescue rib boat 6 5m

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