Innovations - Rigid Inflatable Boats


ASIS Boats is always at the forefront of engineering. We have an extensive and ever evolving program of design and manufacturing.Our main innovation are as follows.

• Vessel Construction

Vessel designs in both GRP and marine-grade aluminum construction.

• Reverse Chine Hull Design

Our fiberglass hull is formed using a dynamic, concave “reverse chine” hull design. This design feature greatly adds to the boat’s sea-keeping, precise turning capability and inherent lift.

• Removable Tube-sets (collars)

Tube-sets can be both glued-on and/or mechanically attached and field serviceable and are available as pneumatic or of foam/air hybrid designs. The tubes are finished in rugged quality Hypalon only and are available with multiple lifeline arrangements triple rub-strake, and all-round step-treads.

• Aluminum Bow Reinforcement

The bow area of the tube can be finished with an overlapping aluminum reinforcement for added protection when boarding or loading operations are anticipated for this area of the vessel.

• Amphibious System Licensed by Sealegs®

Only licensee outside of New Zealand for the use of amphibious vessel systems.

• Automatic Inflation Systems

Single-point, auto-inflation systems for pneumatic tube-sets.

• Diver /Swimmer Doors and Notches

Detachable diver tube-sections and diver tube-notches for dive-operations water-rescue/recovery operations

• Integrated Diver Platforms and Ladders

Aircraft-grade 6061 T-651 aluminum construction

• Ballistic Protection

Use of mission-modular Dyneema® anti-ballistic panels for protection of critical vessel and crew areas

• C4SIR Technology Integration

Including thermal Imagery and low-light level video and recording capabilities, seamlessly-integrated crew-headset wireless communication systems, data and voice encrypted communication systems.

• Shock-Mitigation Flooring

Exclusive use of Skydex® flooring systems

• Shock Mitigation Consoles and Seating

Use of the industry’s latest shock-mitigation technology providers.

• Deck-Track and Deck-Insert Systems

Careful design integration and use of these stainless-steel hardware systems enable multi-mission modularity of deck-space for various seating and mission-hardware alternative arrangements.

• SOLAS Approved Designs

6.5 Meter approved SOLAS Fast Rescue Boats (FRB)

• Self-Righting Systems

Aft-Arch Mounted, Easy-deployment Self-Righting Systems.

• Crew-Serve Weapon Systems Integration

Weapon system mounts, electrical outlets and on-deck ammo storage.

• Automatic Vessel Trim and Stabilization System

Humphree Interceptor Systems® transom mounted electrically-articulated trim-systems and user control-panel to automatically and instantly control vessel roll, pitch and yaw at speed.