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ASIS Manufactures Commercial RHIB Boat

Asis Boats Commercial Rhib

ASIS Boats manufactures Commercial RHIB Boats for Diving & Sailing Schools and Sea Safaris Operators, offshore Oil Rigs, law enforcement, search and rescue and firefighting.

Manufactured in a facility that has earned ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certifications, ASIS boats have European CE approval, U.S. certifications from NMMA and ABYC bodies as well as Australian AMSA certification. ASIS Boats is also one of very few manufacturers in the world to gain US Coastguard Chapter T approval.

The ASIS RIBs lightness gives it an increased agility and responsiveness making your mission easier and faster. The weight savings of an ASIS RIB versus a hard sided alternative will generally contribute to greater fuel efficiency; increasing operational range and lowering fuel cost.

The inflatable collars on the ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat serve as a stabilizing platform whether standing still or traveling at high speed. Particularly in adverse conditions this stability becomes a significant advantage.

ASIS RIBs are versatile with plenty of open deck space to utilize for customizable accessories layout. The safety and performance quality ensure versatility in all sea conditions.

Commercial Rhib Boat, Why Is Usually Chosen?

The term RHIB is well known to boating enthusiasts and is the acronym used for rigid-hulled inflatable boat or RHIB a light-weight boat with high load carrying capacity complemented with both strength and performance related to its construction from a solid, shaped hull made of fibreglass, aluminium, or plastic.

The Commercial Rigid Boat plays an integral part in ferrying Leisure Cruise or Sea Safari Passengers from ship to shore or around islands in places like Greece and the Norway as well as other coastal and inland waters. A RIB is the most durable and versatile craft that can be selected to provide a smooth dry ride to income earning passengers.

RHIBs are a winner when it come to providing services to fare paying passengers for recreation or cruising as it is a stable craft whether adrift or in choppy waters and will not impair the ability of passengers to continue enjoying the experience while onboard. The Rigid Inflatable boat is easily ridden ashore allowing you to gain access to islands and adventure spots.

A Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is easy to repair when it sustains minor punctures, an obvious advantage to all RHIB users whether it is for Recreational, Commercial or Military use. A punctured RHIB can be mended by a novice and the problem solved with ease eliminating disruption to your activity should you find yourself facing such a situation.

The Value Of Owning A Commercial Rib?

Boating is essential to all operating commercially on water and one of the considerations would be on a yacht whether it be privately owned or used for commercial services. A Yacht Tender is legal requirement for the safety of passengers on board and is used for carrying Sea Safari Passengers from ship to shore and bringing in supplies.

Having the right RHIB boat for your application is essential requiring thorough thought about specifications before committing to any particular design; thereafter you could consider specifics, for example, do you want a Solas Rescue Rhib? Is it for diving to carry out underwater welding? And will the design enable you to easily carry out the task.

Not surprisingly RHIB’s are the boat of choice for most commercial entities and include; Fisheries, Oil Rigs, Underwater Exploration, Coastal Inspection, Shipping Companies and a whole host of users who need to buy the right boat the first time as a Rigid Boat represents substantial investment that should be considered carefully before purchasing.

Your RHIB stands between your commercial operation and the safety of passengers and crew from the hazards of the sea. Durability and design are essential elements to consider, followed by quality manufactured into your boat by craftsmen who have only one desire, and that is to deliver a RHIB that meets the criteria for which it was designed.

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