The Best leisure rib boat for families
RIB Boat

The Best leisure rib boat for families

The best RIB Boat for families

RIB Boats

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) have become the popular choice amongst boaters especially families because of their ability to venture and reach further while offering a big carrying capacity. RHIBs are strong rugged boats that can beach on a shore, come close to another RIB or boat without damaging it. They can go fast and are easy to manoeuvre and handle thanks to their design.

Previously, we introduced you to the Amphibious boating world. I don’t know if you see it coming but yes, now that you know a little bit about the Amphibious boat, you probably guessed right, the best RIB boat for families is the 4WD ASIS AMP boat!

4wd amphibious rib boat

The amphibious boat opens a whole new world in your boating journey. Thanks to the amphibious system powering your RIB with amphibious capabilities that is allowing your boat to go on-land, you can now have more fun, more adventure and more power with your family on a day out on your boat. It is ideal for families for the following main reasons:

  • Can drive your boat directly from your garage or from your waterfront property into the water with your family and friends onboard
  • Can load the boat with food, drinks, water sports equipments and anything else needed directly from your home
  • Can reach any island directly by driving the AMP boat out of the water to the shore
  • Can make a direct stop for a nice meal by a beach restaurant
leisure amphibious rib boat for families

You can fully enjoy the 4WD ASIS AMP on water and on land, the smooth transition between the two makes all the difference, saving you time and energy and increasing your level of comfort and enjoyment when boating. For these reasons we highly recommend you expand your options and consider offering yourself and your family the exclusive experience of having an amphibious boat.

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