Why are Rigid Inflatable Hull Boats (RHIBs) the preferred boat type by maritime professionals?
Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

Why are Rigid Inflatable Hull Boats (RHIBs) the preferred boat type by maritime professionals?

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) get their name from their design shape. These boats are designed with a hard shell in a V shape with inflatable sides, called tubes. This design combination makes these boats the best type of RHIBs for maritime professionals for the following reasons:

They are Lightweight

thanks to tubes and V-hull construction which allows them to:

  • Have a higher carrying capacity, you can carry more passengers, load more equipments without compromising on the boat performance.
  • Glide through the waves as the hull cut through the water smoothly reducing the normal bumpy rides felt while underway on other boat rides, even in the roughest of seas.
  • Go faster, increasing the agility of the boat allowing for a faster response. This is why RHIBs are the preferred boats for SAR and other rescue missions requiring speed, smooth handling and safety. Their ability to go faster means that you get more range allowing you to work efficiently with less fuel consumption which in-turn saves you on cost.

They are Versatile

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) can be used and are used by the Military, Professionals and even Leisure mariners

RIBs are used by all three categories all over the world and this is because of their unique design which comes with unique benefits to all of these mariners:

High boat performance
High boat stability
High sea-keeping capabilities
Smooth handling, allowing for fast maneuvering and fast response of the boat

They are Safe

  • The tubes allow for great buoyancy

In case of an incident with the hull, the tubes are able to keep the boat afloat
In case of an incident with the tube, the tube is composed of different chambers so that one affected chamber doesn’t impact the boat steadiness while being on a mission

  • Easy to beach near the shore, a RIB can operate in shallower waters than standard boats
  • Easy to onboard passengers or man at sea during rescue missions (read about rescue boats here )  thanks to their prominent fendering when coming along side for passenger’s transfer or vessel boarding operations

It is the particular design of the RHIB that gives these boats their advantages making them preferred choice for many governments, organizations and individuals. ASIS Boats is the preferred maritime solution provider around the world because ASIS’ RIBs are highly customizable to your mission requirements and needs and built with the best deep V-hull design in the industry. Contact us now to configure your RHIB or to stay tuned to learn more!

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