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Demand Of Coast Guard RIBs On The Rise

The new world post-pandemic seems to be pushing countries to protect their borders more than ever. Countries with borders by the water are being very vigilant, increasing their investments in military boats and increasing the number of coast guard, navy, and patrol boats in their waters.

ASIS being the go-to maritime solution provider for various military operations of Coast Guard, Navy, Specials Ops and Anti-piracy across the world, we work hand in hand with your agency to build-to-order the ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat for your missions. Our RIBs are specifically engineered for high speed vessel interdiction and manufactured to provide maximum mission range and crew comfort.

coast guard rigid inflatable boats

Our Coast Guard RIBs are easy to manoeuvre in all sea conditions thanks to the unique reverse chine hull of our boat.

These Coast Guard RIBs can be versatile and if desired configured to be used for patrolling and law enforcement.

You can rely on our military RIBs for protecting your borders and offshore work platforms.

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