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Military Inflatable Boats At Sea Or On Inland

The Military Boats we will be referring to are the Military Inflatable Boats of choice due to their highly responsive handling ability under the severest weather conditions, its high-speed, high-buoyancy, extreme-weather rescue craft with the primary purpose of deploying and rescuing task force personnel from operational areas as and when required.

These Boats are usually 11-meters-long Naval Special Warfare Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB’s) and constructed from composites with an inflatable tube gunwale made of reinforced fabric. They can operate in heavy seas and winds of 45 knots carrying a crew of three and reaction force element dependant of the operation they will engage in.

Military Inflatable Boats Configurations

There are three Military RIB Boats configurations from which to choose and they are standard which are available in sizes from 4.4 meters to 9.8 meters then there is the inflatable available in sizes from 2.8 meters to 6.0 meters and customized solutions designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of the client to achieve operational requirements.

Standard Military Boats are designed and continuously improved after many years of on water research and development on some of the world’s most treacherous coast lines and sea conditions. Military Inflatable Boats are manufactured with a full range of Rib’s for all Military specifications for navies and Special Forces around the world.

These boats have exceptional high load carrying capacity in excess of 1.5 tons, and the ability to run continuously at speeds of 100 km/h/h in 1m seas. The hull is scalloped, forcing water to spray downwards minimizing drag whilst traveling at high speed and offering the driest ride possible on water keeping all aboard dry and comfortable.

Military Inflatable Boats are light and easy to disassemble and store if required. Moreover, they are tough enough to launch from trucks, helicopters, airplanes, submarines and ships. Able to survive and endure unforgiving conditions such as extreme humidity and salt content to severe sun exposure and is not affected by harsh chemicals and fuel.

Customized Military Boats are designed and built according to the customers’ detailed specifications to endure the rigors of challenging conditions at sea.

Many years of experience have taught us to combine the fundamental elements of safety, quality, reliability and performance into the boat enabling it to meet any challenges on the water.

Professional and technical evaluation is used to analyze the operational needs to ensure the application requirements are fully considered and provide a competitive solution whether launching from a war ship, airplane or remote beaches. A committed and professional boat builder will advise, design, build and test the craft.

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