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Airport Rescue Boats From ASIS


Latest delivery from ASIS Boats; 9.5m Airport Rescue Boats equipped with firefighting pumps to respond to water rescues and other emergencies that might occur around airports located close to the waters. The fully equipped Airport Rescue Boats are fitted with twin 250HP 4-stroke Yamaha engines allowing rapid response and fast maneuvers within the emergency zone.

The ASIS Fast Airport Fire & Rescue RIB Boat 9.5M Special Features:

Gun metal firefighting pump and accessories(GODIVA Power Flow GP12/10) providing a continuous rated performance of at least 1200 liters per minute at 10 bar of pressure with a 3 meter lift. The monitor rotates 360 degrees and has a vertical movement of +90 to 45 degree horizontal.

gun metal firefighting pump
Composite Aluminum and Fiber Closed Cabin

Composite Aluminum and Fiber Closed Cabin with sliding windows to provide a convenient operating environment for the operators and seating for 4 operators on Shock Mitigation Ullman seats for ultimate crew comfort.

Rescue Notch on tube to facilitate the easy deployment and recovery of both divers as well as injured persons from the water even while on a stretcher or spineboard.

Rescue Notch on tube
Heavy duty foam filled hypalon tube

Heavy duty foam filled hypalon tube fitted with triple rubbing fenders, internal and external lifelines and covered by non-skid patches.

Life raft to be deployed easily when needed to carry 37 persons.

life raft
airport rescue boats

These Rigid Inflatable Boats will be operated mainly for fast rescue and rapid response purposes but have the ability to perform as a firefighting boat and fulfill the requirements of Open Sea, harbor & shallow water if needed.

airport rescue rib boats

ASIS Airport Rescue Boats meet a wide range of requirements for coastal, inland lake or river applications. You can get a turnkey boat with all the options you need or a basic platform ready for you to add your own equipment.

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