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Coast Guard RIB Boat Engineered And Designed

A Coast Guard Boat at or near the scene of a disaster is not always possible, which is why a Rigid Hull Inflatable Coast Guard Boat is the solution when a rapid response is required when disasters occur far from shore. In these cases, the closest option would be a Coast Guard RIB Boat.

Coast Guard services are provided by all nations around the world, and while many are an extension of the military services of the countries that established them, they play an important role in protecting all mariners in and near their coastal waters, with many records of courageous rescues during dangerous times at sea.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) was Founded on 4 August 1790 by Alexander Hamilton as the Revenue Cutter Service and it lays claim to being the United States’ oldest continuous seagoing service. As of August 2009, the Coast Guard had approximately 42,000 men and women on active duty.

The Coast Guard’s duties in all countries are Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, and Maritime Stewardship. To carry out those roles the Coast Guard requires operating cutters or large vessels that can handle events that involve ships carrying large numbers of people but in order to get to the rescue scene speedily a RHIB is essential.

Historically China first used a Coast Guard Boat along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River which flows through south-central China. Britain’s first lifeboat station was at Formby Beach, in 1776, and Canada’s first lifeboat station in the mid-19th century on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.

Modern Coast Guard Boats

Modern Coast Guard Boats have been modified by the addition of an engine which provides the power required to get in and out of the swell area inside the surf. They can be launched from the shore or a ship in any weather and perform rescues further out getting to and from a disasters faster and returning victims to a place of safety.

Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) are now seen as the best type of craft for in-shore rescues as they are less likely to be tipped over by the wind or breakers. Unlike ordinary pleasure craft these small to medium sized rescue craft often have a very low freeboard so that victims can be taken aboard without lifting.

These boats are designed to operate with water inside the boat hull and rely on flotation tanks rather than hull displacement to stay afloat and upright. This means that the boats are designed to operate with water inside the boat hull due to their reliance on flotation tanks.

Where To Buy A Coast Guard Rib Boat?

Found the boat that you desire?

For Coast Guard Patrol and Rescue Services you will find both a wide range and the specific Military Boats to meet your requirements, it is certainly worth the time invested to make the most cost effective decision when selecting from the comprehensive range available.

Once you have chosen your boat, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to customize the boat to your requirements.

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