Fire Rescue Amphibious Craft
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A Fire Department in Shanghai Receives ASIS 7.1M Amphibious Craft

Asis 7.1M Amphibious Craft

ASIS Boats just dispatched the last Fire Rescue Amphibious Craft for the order placed by a Fire Department in Shanghai.

The special specifications designed for their Fire Rescue Amphibious Craft order were a wider tube with a diameter of 565 mm, an under-deck fuel tank, and a Honda engine filled inside the console, making it discrete and safer. A special drive-on trailer was also created especially for them.

The Fire Rescue Amphibious Craft is a boat with wheels that has been developed to ease the boat launching and retraction process. This 7.1-meter Fire Rescue Amphibious Craft has been designed to serve this purpose with a system that consists of motorized, retractable, and steerable wheels powering the boat with off-water capabilities. Once fitted with amphibious technology, any ASIS boat will be able to travel directly between land and sea with the use of retractable wheels and a hydraulic system linked to an inboard motor. The entire system is marinized and stays completely out of the water while underway. This means there is no compromise on on-water performance.

The unique ability of ASIS to tailor the RIB to the customer’s needs earned it worldwide recognition for its boats. The amphibious technology is available as an upgrade option for all ASIS boats ranging from 5.1 meters to 12 meters and is available on both outboard and inboard powered boats.

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