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The Nigerian Navy acquires three ASIS Boats

ASIS Boats is now the official supplier of RIB boats to the Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy required ASIS Boats to manufacture three Rigid Inflatable Boats that could be carried and deployed from their Navy ships.

The Navy Boats just got delivered and will support a variety of missions, including anti-terrorism, search and rescue, vessel boarding search and seizure, and maritime interdiction operations.

7.6m in length, these aluminum Nigerian Navy Boats are constructed with an aluminum marine grade hull and ORCA Hypalon 1670 Dtex foam filled D-Tubes.


Each Navy Boat is outfitted with:

  • A walk-around double Futura Console with a forward seat; a center console from which the operator has instant access to all areas of the boat.
  • Four straddle seats.
  • Each RIB can accommodate up to eight passengers.
anti-terrorism rib

In addition to being foam filled, the heavy duty hypalon tube is featuring tripe lines of rubber fenders and an external life rope.

An all around aluminum rail and a front towing post/bollard are fitted on the non-skid deck. Powered with twin 150hp outboard. The Navy Boat is able to reach a speed of 54 miles at relatively low RPM, which is due to our economic and ergonomic hull design.

aluminum boats

When it comes to providing the best Rigid Inflatable Boats to the military, ASIS Boats is the industry leader and most trusted manufacturer. ASIS Boats can custom design your boat to fit your needs, regardless of what application you are using it for. Contact us today for any inquiry you might have.

best rhibs for navy

We offer the most technologically advanced products designed for specific missions.

The world’s foremost supplier of cutting-edge maritime solutions for Rigid Inflatable Boats is ASIS Boats. We turn ideas into reality and give you the answer to your most complex problems.

Each rigid inflatable boat is built specifically for the owner, organization, or agency, who each have their own unique requirements.
All of our Rigid Inflatable Boats’ hypalon sponsons can be equipped with either pneumatic or our distinctive Hyb Foam® technology. They are built in either Fiberglass (Air Hull®) or marine-grade Aluminum hulls.

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