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Our Amphibious Boat & Jean-Michel Cousteau

Recently, ASIS Boats had the immense pleasure and honor to have Mr. Jean-Michel Cousteau, French oceanographic explorer, environmentalist, educator, and film producer on our 7.1M Amphibious boat.

In partnership with the Ritz-Carlton of Dubai as an Environment ambassador, Mr. Cousteau did an educational tour with selected guests on our 7.1m amphibious boat in order to raise awareness as part of his educational program related to the environment and ocean’s future.

Go anywhere with our Amphibious range, there are no limits.

Leisure seekers have been enjoying the convenience and comfort that our unique 4-wheels drive Amphibious offer, driving straight from their beachfront property into the water, making their boating journey infinitely easier thanks to a faster launch time and broader reach. Once in the water, the wheels are retracted for a continuous, smooth on-water experience.

Check it out!

Amphibious boating journey
RIB Boat with 4 wheels
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