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Having the right RHIB for Oyster Farming is crucial for proper harvesting. To be able to go out in any kind of sea condition regardless of the weather is a must.

Ramie Murray founder of Dibba Bay Oysters; Middle East’s first shellfish farm producing gourmet oysters says: “Having an ASIS RHIB as part of our fleet has been life-changing. No matter the sea condition or the tidal levels, we can take the boat out and bring in the oysters.”

rib boatThe ASIS Boat’s unique Air Hull®
This ASIS RHIB for oyster farming has a unique Air Hull® enables it to withstand the roughest seas and perform in all conditions. Moreover, the shallow draft design of our RHIBs allows for easy access to the oyster beds even at low tide.

RIB For Oyster Farming in UAE

Dibba Bay oysters has a 9.5m RHIB with twin Mercury 4 Stroke F150 Hp Seapro engines. Custom-built to meet their requirements, the bow was kept empty to allow ample space to move around, work and harvest. This RHIB for Oyster Farming is equipped with:

  • A Crane: Can easily be manipulated to go in the water via the diver notch and grab the oyster net with its hook
  • A Diver Notch: Allows for the divers to access the water in all ease and safety as well as the crane to get in the water without damaging the tube
  • A full-length T-top
  • Neoprene protection patches on the tube

At ASIS, we always make sure to work closely with our customers and discuss their needs in order to customize and manufacture a boat that will provide them with the solution they are looking for.

Very resourceful, extremely maneuverable, safe and stable, the ASIS Rigid Inflatable boats are built to carry out a number of different tasks in all kinds of environments.

Contact us for your application needs and together we can build the RHIB that suits your operation’s needs.

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