aluminum workboats for the Oil & Gas Industry
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First Batch Order Of O&G RIBs Delivery

Delivery of the first batch order of customized RIBs for the Oil and Gas industry was completed last week.

These custom-made 8-meter aluminum workboats will be used by the oil company mainly for its off-shore operations. In addition to their main function, these aluminum workboats for the & Gas gas industry can be used for rescue, servicing needs, and watchmen over the offshore drilling rig platform.

What is so special about these O&G RIBs?

  • They are built with Aluminium hulls
  • They are equipped with twin 50-HP Dtorque outboard diesel engines. Diesel engines are required for the O&G industry for safety reasons.
  • The deck is covered with marine anti-slip rubber platform
  • They can fit up to 15 passengers.

Having the expertise to address the needs of this specialized work environment and the ability to custom-design the boats to our client’s specific needs in no time makes us the preferred boat builder worldwide. In fact, being vertically integrated allows us to have complete control over the manufacturing process, assuring the highest quality and offering the fastest delivery time in our industry.

Oil and Gas RIBs first batch order
Aluminum Oil & Gas RIBs

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