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An Amphibious RIB For Tour Operators

We are thrilled to share with you the first AMSA-approved Amphibious RIB ever built. It is a 9.8 meter Amphibious RIB boat that was made to order for a customer in Australia. It is equipped with the BAS-80 4-wheel-drive amphibious system, giving it over-land driving capabilities.

Fully customized from the tube and hull type to the upholstery and design, this 9.8 meter Amphibious RIB was manufactured with a fiberglass hull and air-filled tubes. It has the capacity to carry 13 passengers, including the captain. Moreover, there are 4 benches with ample underneath storage, and a small backup engine has been installed for emergency purposes and top safety as required by AMSA.

ASIS Amphibious Tour boat is the ideal boat that caters to beach resorts and tour companies. It transports your passengers from water to land and vice versa, all accomplished in total comfort and convenience via our unique Amphibious RIB boat. The on-water experience is unparalleled, as you will see in the video; it has great handling, smooth manoeuvrability and comfortable seating.

Thanks to a faster launch time and broader reach, you can finally take your guests anywhere, from visiting private islands to treasury caves. You can be sure to have an edge over the normal RIBs, offering your guests a truly memorable experience from the get-go.

Amphibious Tour boat console
Amphibious RIB For Tour

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