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ASIS 5.5m Rigid Inflatable Boat

Work Boat Inboard For In-Port User

Dubai, UAE-ASIS Boats, the GCC manufacturer of professional grade rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) for military, law enforcement, commercial and private industry has delivered an ASIS 5.5 meter Rigid Inflatable Work Boat Inboard Mercury Diesel 130HP for in port user.

This 5.5 meter Rigid Inflatable Work boat powered by an inboard Mercruiser diesel engine 130 Hp, is capable of reaching speed greater than 35 mph. And with its’ torque combined with the light weight; it makes towing heavy boats easier.

This Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) 5.5 meter has been specifically designed to meet the nautical transportation rules inside commercial ports.

The main duty of this 5.5 meter work boat is to carry security personnel in the port allowing them to perform their regular patrolling duties.

ASIS can custom build Rigid Inflatable Boats to your exact needs and the rigors of your most challenging missions at sea. Through years of experience, we have incorporated into our design philosophy all the fundamental elements of safety, reliability, quality and performance.

Our technical team will evaluate your mission specific requirements and provide to you a competitive solution.

Whether your mission begins from a warship, a beach, an aircraft or a submarine, our professional staff will advise, design, build and test your rigid inflatable boat to meet your requirements.

About ASIS – ASIS Boats the world leader in rigid inflatable boats-building specializes in designing and building safe, comfortable, reliable, performance oriented Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that exceeds our customer’s expectations. ASIS Boats is a reputable Rigid Inflatable Boat (Rib) manufacturer for Recreational, Commercial and Military applications throughout the world. ASIS Boats offers a wide array of vessels that are capable of fulfilling most any mission.

Work Boat
Rigid inflatable boat (RIB)
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