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ASIS Boats 7.5m Midi With Sealegs Amphibious

Technology Now Released

ASIS is pleased to announce the completion of the first of the new production series 7.5m ASIS RIBs to be equipped with Sealegs System 60 amphibious technology.

The craft will be displayed at the Hitchwilco Boat Show in New Zealand on the 12th -15th May, 2016. The 7.5m ASIS Midi will include the two-wheel drive and automatic braking systems as well as power steering and high quality, marine-ready Sealegs components.

Powered by a 150HP Evinrude E-Tec on the water, the amphibious craft reaches speeds of up to 39 knots. Featuring Hypalon Tubes, 180 litre fuel tank and self-draining deck, the ASIS 7.5 Midi is also equipped with four straddle style seats designed for additional comfort and lateral stability.

It has an overall beam of 2.7m, a height of 2.3m on the wheels and can travel up to 10kph on land. The 7.5m amphibious craft has a payload of 500kg.

Sealegs Amphibious Enablement Kits allow any boat builder to modify their craft to benefit from amphibious abilities. Craft with this technology can travel directly between land and sea by the use of three retractable wheels with a hydraulic system linked to an inboard motor. The entire system is marinised and stays completely out of the water while underway. This means there is no compromise to on-water performance.

Sealegs CEO, David Mckee Wright, said “we’re very excited to release another unique craft equipped with Sealegs technology. It further proves that the Amphibious Enablement Kit can be adopted by a wide range of boat manufacturers.”

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Sealegs Amphibious
Sealegs Amphibious
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