ASIS Boats At The 2017 Bay Bridge Boat Show
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ASIS Boats At The 2017 Bay Bridge Boat Show

ASIS Boats will be displaying at the upcoming Bay Bridge Boat Show with our military demonstrator boat; ASIS 9.5m high performance Vessel Interdiction and Boarding Team Delivery craft (VI-BTD).

The Bay Bridge Boat Show is a 3 day event held from April 21-23, 2017 at the Bay Bridge Marina, in Stevensville, Maryland, USA.

The ASIS Rigid Hull Inflatable boat will be available for on water for demonstration.

Come visit us, to experience this incredible boat. We are located on the C-dock sharing space with BRP.

The 9.5m ASIS Rigid Inflatable Hull’s cutting edge design features the latest state of the art, shock mitigating operator console. The entire console, equipment and crew are fully -suspended on twelve inches of full floating, 3-axis, articulating pneumatic shock absorbers.

The 9.5M VI-BTD with its completely blacked-out visual appearance, super-quiet, twin300HP BRP BRPEtec G2™ engines and a shock-mitigated console with both a low-profile and oblique angled leading edge make for an extremely stealthy and agile package on the water.

Moreover, with four integrated hoisting hard-points this high performance Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is ready for shipboard launch and recovery as well as transportation by rotary wing aircraft.

The seamless integration of technologies and extreme high-performance capability of this boat must truly be experienced first-hand.

Hope to see you there.

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