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ASIS RIBs updates for October

We’re excited to introduce to you our RIBs’ latest updates and innovations as well as some news you may find interesting.

inboard rhib for oil & gas industry

8m Inboard RIB for the Oil & Gas Industry

Following a first delivery of three, 8 meter RIBs for operations around the oil and gas platforms off the coast of Saudi Arabia, Saipem just took delivery of an additional RHIB to complete their fleet. The additional RHIB, though exactly the same in specs and features as the first 3 RHIBs, is powered by an Inboard Yanmar Marine Engine rather than an outboard engine as were the first 3.

For more details on the boat’s features please click here

New design for our Aluminum T-Top

We have just launched our brand new hard Aluminum T-Top, and everyone is loving it. Already installed on 12 boats since we unveiled it last month, it is made using the highest corrosions resistant aluminum alloy and is extremely resistant to seawater and industrial chemicals ensuring the longest durability in any environment. This T-Top can be installed on any boat 9 meter or larger.

aluminum T-top
12m navy boat
First sea trial for 12m Navy Boat

Sea trial of a 12m Navy boat was successfully completed last week. This 12m is the the first of a batch of five Navy boats currently being manufactured in the ASIS factory.

Stay tuned for details on the delivery of these boats.

Customized 8.5m Tender RIB on its way to its Owner in Kuwait

Customized and specifically designed to be a day boat, this 8.5m Tender RIB comes with an on-board toilet for ease and comfort, a built-in refrigerator/freezer for keeping drinks cold or fresh fish on board, a swim platform and ladder among other things. Contact us for your boating need and we will make it happen.

8.5m tender rib
4.1m custom tender ribs
Three 4.1m Custom Tender RIBs Delivered last week.

Customized 4.1 meter Tender RIBs, equipped with Henriksen Claw hook for ease of launch and recovery are on their way to their owner. They were built for a vessel designed by Coco Yachts in Netherlands and currently being manufactured in Hong Kong.

For more information on the ASIS Boats as well as their full product range of RHIBS and Inflatable boats visit
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