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ASIS Updates For August

Military Fully Inflatable

ASIS recently completed an order of military fully inflatable boats composed of 2 different sizes 4.8m and 5.85m.

Our entire range of military inflatable boats is purposely designed for the most rigorous environments and use.

The military ranger fully inflatable was designed to tackle the most difficult tasks that a military inflatable could possibly encounter. The tubes are made with heavy-duty Hypalon material that is known for its resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

military ranger fully inflatable

Moreover, they are divided into different chambers. The 4.8 meter long Inflatable has 5 air compartments while the 5.85 meters inflatable have 7 air compartments and each has an inflation valve along with a safety release valve.

ASIS heavy duty inflatable boats are designed to be functional, durable and versatile. The military fully inflatable boats can easily be assembled and inflated by two people in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, these military fully inflatable boats can be deflated and folded up into small packages allowing them to be easily stored and transported.

Hear from our AMP owners

The best feeling for us is when our customer share with us videos like these where we get to see their joy and satisfaction with their loved ones on their new 4WD ASIS Amphibious boat.

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