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Diving RIBs delivered to Petroleum Ports

Diving Ribs Delivered To Petroleum Ports Operating Company

The Oil & Gas Industry has unique maritime challenges, and ASIS Boats has vast experience in fielding advanced designs for this specialized work environment.

Whether for transport or for platform security-zone enforcement, ASIS has delivered many versatile custom boats in different configurations, specifically customized for the distinctive and demanding multi-use tasking of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Just this past week, ASIS Boats delivered 7.2-meter diving RIBs to be installed on ships for Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company.

These Diving RIBs were built to be incredibly strong and reliable, with heavy-duty foam tubes attached to a composite hull, ensuring robustness, and a capability to manage huge payloads.

In addition to the foam tubes of the boats and the super-heavy-duty hull and overall structure, another factor emphasizing the rigidity of the boat is the aluminum bow protector that has been forged on the tube in an undercover way, not to affect the aesthetics.

The Diving RIBs can easily carry a complete inventory of safety and diving equipment, essential to their demanding role of rescue and patrol for the oil and gas industry and military use, and can carry up to ten passengers. These RIBs can operate in the harshest sea conditions.

With a tested track record, these powerful RIB boats are perfect for the demanding roles of search and rescue, patrol, or control.

The RIBs were customized to include extra protection fender lines, and a recess has been sculpted into the deck in order to fix the steel cradle for diving equipment in a flush way with the deck.

Equipped with standard navigational and electronics equipment, from search lights to anchor lights and LED navigation lights, these RIB boats can fulfill both defense and civilian tasks, from drug enforcement and fisheries protection to crew transfers for offshore wind farms or oil & gas fields.

Fitted with Mercury Mercruiser inboard diesel engines of 130Hp give a top speed of more than 37mph ensuring a high degree of dimensional stability suitable for very extreme conditions, guaranteed ultra-high performance, and at the same time keeping emissions as low as possible.

RIB for Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports
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