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ASIS FI Boats for Securing the Jordanian Rivers and Dams

SECURING THE JORDANIAN RIVERS AND DAMS with asis fully inflatable boats

In an effort to develop the Rescue Capabilities of the Jordanian Civil Defense, the Jordanian Public Security Directorate acquired 14 new ASIS Heavy Duty Fully Inflatable Boats to improve the Security and the speed of the Rescue Response around the Dams and Rivers of Jordan.

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Seven of those heavy-duty fully inflatable boats were delivered at the end of October and the remaining seven will be delivered in December.

The commissioned Fully Inflatable Boats (FI) are 5.85 meters in length and are built to military specifications, using heavy-duty 1670 Dtex Polyamide CSM neoprene materials. The boats are certified to go out in sea state level 3 (WMO).

Each 5.85 meter heavy duty fully inflatable boats has 5 large air chambers and twin 7cm wide fenders that protect the inflatable tubes and diverts water away from the boat when it’s underway.

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Easy to assemble and disassemble, the Fully Inflatable Boat is foldable and can be rolled into a small stowed form fact. It has a heavy duty marine grade aluminium transom and the removable flooring is made of anodized aluminium.

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The boat can carry up to ten divers with their equipments to perform any dive/ rescue operations, and is powered by a 25Hp Yamaha engine.

The ASIS Fully Inflatable Boat Range is built robust and tested to survive and endure all types of unforgiving conditions. Versatile and easy to deploy, they come in a number of sizes from 2.8 to 6 meter to meet your demand.

heavy duty fully inflatable boats for Jordan

The ASIS inflatable boat has been designed to handle the most difficult tasks that a military inflatable could possibly face. It is especially useful during lifesaving operations that take place within the surf zone.

ASIS is an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex issues.

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