Personnel and Cargo Transport Boat
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12m Personnel & Cargo Transport Boat

ASIS Boats just built and delivered the first of a fleet of 12-meter all-weather professional Personnel and Cargo Transport boat.

The intended use of these RIB Boats will be to safely transport up to 23 passengers from main land to islands, daily and continuously, under any weather conditions.

With 450-liter underdeck stainless steel fuel tanks and powered by twin 250-hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard engines, this semi-rigid transport RIB can reach speeds of up to 43 knots and 40 knots with all 23 passengers on board. The remarkable speed of this Personnel and Cargo Transport boat will permit the operator to do more runs and transport the passengers in less time than is normally needed.

This category “B” offshore Personnel and Cargo Transport boat, has been certified by TASNEEF Maritime Services (TMS) to carry 23 passengers. In addition to the passenger seats, a large space greater than 3 meters is available at the bow for carrying cargo.

The 12-meter Personnel and Cargo Transport boat features a heavy-duty stainless steel canopy covering all the passengers, along with the pilot and co-pilot.

The ASIS 12m Personnel & Cargo Transport Boat is equipped with all kinds of life-saving equipment, such as: Life jackets Adult fitted with reflective tape, whistles and light, First Aid kit (for 25 PAX), Life Buoy with floating rope and light, hand flare, parachute rocket, orange smoke, 2 fire extinguishers, Marine type hand torch. In addition evidently, to navigation and communication equipment such as the Garmin VHF radio and the Garmin GPS map 527 XS, along with a standard magnetic compass.

ASIS Boats can individually design and manufacture a boat to meet the needs and requirements of every different professional application worldwide.

Rigid Inflatable Boat Transport
Passenger Transport Boat

ASIS Boats is a world leader in providing advanced maritime solutions in Rigid Inflatable Boats. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex needs.

Recognizing that each owner, organization, or agency has unique requirements, each rigid inflatable boat is built to order.
All of our Rigid Inflatable Boats hypalon sponsons can be fitted with either pneumatic or our unique Hyb Foam® technology, and are built in either fiberglass (Air Hull®) or marine grade aluminum hull.

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