Roy Nouhra’s Love for Racing
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FAST TIMES, For ASIS Boats’ Roy Nouhra

Driving A Fast Car Slows Everything Down

Article below as featured in Inc. Arabia December 2016 Edition.(Pages: 4, 12, 13 & 14)

When you are racing…you are in the moment…you are in the right now. It’s like a form of meditation.-ROY NOUHRA founder & president at ASIS Boats

ROY NOUHRA’s love for racing started early. He was 16 when he got his first car, and when he first got into trouble. His father had indulged him, buying him a sports car. And as 16-year-olds do when handed a ‘toy’ that can go fast, Nouhra burnt a few roads (and a few laws) to go with it.

“I loved the feeling of going fast. But I needed to do it in a controlled environment. So…I started going to the race track.” But race tracks are expensive, especially for a 16-year-old. He did the next best thing and got himself a job as a race track trainer.”This was the worst part. I hated being a passenger in a fast car. But it was the only way.”

Eventually, the 16-year-old grew up and moved to Dubai in 1997, where he took his love for all things fast, and his background in engineering to expand the family’s manufacturing business to build high-performance inflatable boats (ASIS Boats). ”When I joined my father’s business, I wanted to make race cars. But it is a hard market to break. So we decided to go for the next best thing.”

Roy Nouhra’s Love for Racing
Roy Nouhra’s Love for Racing
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