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Letter from the CEO:
Carpe Diem!

Nothing brings us more joy at ASIS than making dreams come true.
We are proud to introduce to you the boat that a friend has dreamt of.
A boat that can let you enjoy the sea and land.
A boat that can let you connect to nature and people.

Spend the day in comfort on the water thanks to all the amenities on board (suspension seats for comfort, water skying, fishing, sailing or just anchored), and when you find the beach of your dreams, just drive right on the land and your boat transforms into your mobile home. Bike, SUP, Surf or just play by the beach.

Grill the fresh fish you have just caught and share a meal with the people you love, If you decide to sleep over, just do. The tent, fridge, shower and toilet will allow you to camp wherever you want (on land or on the water) and have the comfort that you need to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Enjoy nature at its best, skies and beaches that you can only dream of.
Enjoy boating, enjoy camping and enjoy nature,
Just enjoy being,
Roy R. Nouhra

grilling on a boat
amphibious boat connecting people and nature
amphibious rhib connects to nature and people
amphibious boat built in tent
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