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ASIS Fully Customized Compact 6.5m Tender

Dubai, UAE- ASIS Boats, the GCC manufacturer of professional grade Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) for the military, commercial, and recreational industry delivered a Customized ASIS Compact Tender Boat 6.5 meter to fit on and match perfectly with the Mother Yacht.

ASIS fully Customized Compact Tender Boat 6.5m featured in the above photos is a fully customized Rigid Inflatable Boat, built to precisely fit along with two other tenders delivered previously last month on the same mother yacht, in a way to utilize the fully available space on the last while at the same time abiding by the height restrictions imposed by the available space.

This 6.5m Tender Boat, is compact but very well equipped, it features a foldable A-Frame, foldable console, and a U-bench for the passenger. All electronics, and navigational equipment, along with a GPS have been fitted on the boat.

In order not to compromise on the performance of the boat and due to the restricted height forbidding the installation of an outboard engine, this Tender Boat has been equipped with Volvo Inboard engine, delivering 220 Hp, allowing the craft to achieve a speed of 40 mph with an excellent balance that makes it ideal for applications requiring speed and maneuverability regardless of the sea conditions.

About ASIS – ASIS Boats the world leader in rigid inflatable boat-building specializes in designing and building safe, comfortable, reliable, performance-oriented Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that exceed our customer’s expectations. ASIS Boats is a reputable Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) manufacturer for Recreational, Commercial, and Military applications throughout the world. ASIS Boats offers a wide array of vessels that are capable of fulfilling almost any mission.

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