Intro to the Amphibious Boat world
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Intro to the Amphibious Boat world

Intro to the Amphibious Boat world

Amphibious boats in the leisure market have become the hottest trend and for good reason.

Let’s define what’s an amphibious boat, although by the name and pictures, you probably understood that an amphibious boat is a boat with wheels or a boat that has capabilities to go over land whether designed with wheels or tracks. It is referred to as an amphibious boat for its amphibian quality, a boat being able to transform into a vehicle to go on land.

Currently, there are only 4 companies in the world that manufacture amphibious boats spread across the 5 continents from East to West: Sealegs, ASIS Boats, Iguana Yachts, and Ocean Craft Marine.

Little background on the Amphibious boat manufacturers

What does the Amphibious boating world offers?

An Amphibious boat expands and enhances your boating experience by far. It is the ultimate luxury to be able to reach your beach house or any island directly. You can take your amphibious boat whenever you feel like it whether by yourself or with your friends and family. With the 9.8m ASIS amphibious boat, the biggest amphibious RIB in terms of size, you can go camping with a tent or explore a new area on your bikes.

Welcome to the infinite possibilities that the Amphibious boating world offers you!

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