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ASIS Military Boat 12 Meter On Sea Trial

At the start of year 2012, ASIS Boats has built a new 12-meter Military Fiberglass Rigid Inflatable Boat with impressive features as part of ASIS Boats continued investment in design and development generated in-house and performed well in Sea Trial conducted this month of January.

ASIS team took the Military Fiberglass RIB Boat 12 meters out for a sea trial. Initially, the basic concept of Sea trial was to test boat’s steering wheel, conduct drills, identify the problem, and ensure safety. Safety was top of the list.

The Military Fiberglass RIB Boat 12 meter performed great and topped out at just over 41 to 43 knots with the advantage of high maneuverability, speed and, reliability. Our boats are fully compliant with all the regulations for maritime operation. We are committed to an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, service and safety.

Things worked out very well & its performance is beyond ASIS Team expectations.

You are invited to come and see our new Military S Series 12m boat on its launch at the Dubai International Boat Show 2012, at Mina Seyahi, Dubai International Marine Club.

For more info. Contact us: [email protected]

About ASIS – ASIS Boats the world leader in rigid inflatable boat-building specializes in designing and building safe, comfortable, reliable, performance-oriented Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that exceeds our customer’s expectations. ASIS Boats is a reputable Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) manufacturer for Recreational, Commercial and Military applications throughout the world. ASIS Boats offers a wide array of vessels that are capable of fulfilling most any mission.

Military Boat
Military Rigid Inflatable Boat 12 meter
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