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Covid-19 Update: We Are Still Open, Contact Us Now

Being considered an essential business, we are still open and our factory is still working for the military agencies and professional organizations, supporting and ensuring that they will have the ASIS RIBs they need to carry out their rescue, law enforcement, oil & gas and most importantly food and sanitary equipment delivery to remote or more difficult areas of reach.

We have implemented serious precautionary measures and a pandemic action plan in our factory and across the company in order to continue to ensure the safety and health of our factory workers as we continue to operate at current production levels. As part of the pandemic action plan set across the company, our sales team across the globe is working directly with users using video conference calling, video product walk-throughs and a virtual factory tour is under way to assist and support the users in their purchase process and complete the transaction without the need for an on-site visit.

We are trying our best to support your maritime needs in a safe environment and hope you are staying healthy and safe. Contact us now to place your order and secure a slot in our production line.

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