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ASIS Crew Transportation RIBs To…


Additional ASIS Crew Transport RIBs are on their way to join the previously supplied fleet for use in the offshore oil and gas industry of the Caspian Sea.

These 8-meter Crew Transport RIBs were primarily manufactured for the offshore oil & gas industry. But could very well be used for any marine construction environment and for military operations.

These reliable Crew Transport RIBs answer the call of the serious offshore user with unparalleled handling characteristics and flexibility in design. It is the ideal choice for dedicated professionals, easily coping with the endurance demands of heavy commercial usage.

They have been customized to carry 12 seated passengers in a safe way, where the pilot and copilot sit comfortably on a leaning post with a backrest. Two passengers sit on the forward seat of the futura console, and the remaining passengers sit on the jockey seats.

Along with powder coated stainless steel A –Frame installed on the boat, a handrail is fitted to the console, so that additional passengers can grab on it.

In order to reduce maintenance, the tube, in addition to being made of heavy-duty hypalon material, is stuffed with our patented foam in order to extend its life to the maximum and preserve the same performance in the case of an accident or puncture.

Unlike conventional tubes, our foam tubes are not only glued to the hull, but they are also bolted on the hull in order to ensure maximum longevity. The tube is made of a special red color in order to match the colors of previously supplied fleet.

Storage is available in the bow storage separated from the anchor locker and at the stern with locker integrated in the deck.

These new Crew Transport RIBs are powered by single Yamaha outboard engine, allowing nonstop running for long hours.

CE certified as all our boat, these one are certified under category “B” offshore.

With accessory choices, console and seating configurations, propulsion options and a variety of navigation and communication equipment, the 8.0m Crew Transport RIBs from ASIS can be personalized to the specific needs of any mission.

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