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2012 ASIS Collection

Inside News

Shortly following this News Letter, all will be revealed, whether your interest is in Recreational, Commercial or Military RIB, you will soon be able to know and experience all behind the scenes activity that has gone into making your quest for the latest and best in RIBs.

All breeze is coming your way, the next days all will be revealed directly to you. Keep watching your inbox to strat enjoying the experience.

Service and Maintenance Contract

ASIS offers Annual Service Contract to end users and organization. Contracts include seasonal commissioning, conditioning, annual inspections and emergency service cells.

For more info. Contact us: [email protected]

What’s the difference !!! we hear you asking…

Jokey seating is great because it is suitable for a wide range of conditions as choppy water or rough water.

This is because it gives you lateral back support, whether you are sitting or standing or mixture of the two!

Calmer waters suits bench seating, they are ideal whilst socializing. They are also safer for small children because they enable adults to sit and keep the children secure. However bench seats don’t give you back support when standing.

If you want to sit and feel the difference come and try both of them. Contact [email protected]

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