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ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBs for Coastal Fisheries

ASIS Rigid INFLATABLE BOATS ribS builds to aid the Coastal Fishery Division of the mimra

Coastal fisheries are becoming increasingly important in the Marshall Islands. Most of the Marshall islands land is a few meters above sea level and soils are generally poor. Hence coastal fisheries are very important for subsistence purpose and for income generation.

Fisheries are regulated, promoted and managed by the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority has placed an order for two 7-meter ASIS aluminum Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBs to be used on the development, implementation and sustainability of the marine resources for future generations.

The hulls of the two new Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBs are made of Marine Grade Aluminum and feature a 1880 Dtex hypalon Hyb Foam® tube: an exclusive ASIS hybrid tube made of a combination of closed-cell memory foam and air. These two heavy-duty aluminum Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBs were constructed specifically for Coastal Fisheries.

rhibs for coastal fisheries

Special Features on these two Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBs are:

  • An Aluminum Protective Bow Encapsulation to protect and safeguard the boat’s bow against collision/bumping with harbors and other larger boats.
  • A Black Powder-coated Forward Deck-mounted boarding ladder with hand railing for safety
  • An Aluminum T-Top providing standing-height shade while allowing the helmsman to walk freely
  • Two ASIS Triple jockey seats
  • A telescopic Stainless Steel Towing post situated at the bow, below the boarding platform, easily deployable whenever needed. A second stainless steel tow post is installed at the aft.
coastal fisheries rigid inflatable boats

Each of these Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats has a marine grade aluminum fuel tank with capacity of 150L, and is powered by a single Yamaha 150Hp outboard engine allowing the boat for coastal fisheries to reach a top speed of 40 miles at 500 RPM.

ASIS is an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex issues.

Recognizing that each owner, organization or agency has its individual specific requirements, each rigid inflatable boat is built to order.
Built in either Fiberglass (Air Hull®) or marine grade Aluminum hull, all our Rigid Inflatable Boats hypalon sponsons can be fitted with either pneumatic or our unique Hyb Foam® technology.

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