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The New 9.5m Meter High-Speed Vessel Interdiction RHIB

At The Multi Agency Craft Conference 2016

ASIS Boats USA will be present at the upcoming MACC 2016 (Multi Agency Craft Conference) with an In-Water demonstrator boat; the new 9.5 Meter High Speed Vessel Interdiction RHIB, launched earlier this year.

The cutting-edge design of this new High Speed Vessel 9.5m RHIB features the latest state-of-the-art, shock-mitigating operator console. The entire console, equipment and crew are fully-suspended on twelve inches of full-floating, 3-axis, articulating pneumatic shock-absorbers.

This unique High Speed Vessel 9.5m also features the latest in navigational and communication electronics, as well as the newest Evinrude G2 Outboard Motors; 600 horsepower in all!

Tested and reviewed by boattest.com, this great military & law enforcement Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) got the greatest review. According to Test Captain Steve Larivee, this boat just made his job the coolest in town! Very impressed by its performance, he claims that testing this high speed Vessel Interceptor tops up all other test! “She ran 55.0 mph in our tests, jumped on plane in 3.3 seconds, and went 0 to 30 mph in 5.5 seconds. This High Speed Vessel 9.5m RHIB with a very substantial test weight of 6,920 lbs. (3,139 kg) is impressive indeed.” He continued.

Visit the ASIS Boats USA In-Water Display at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) on June 8–9, 2016 at the USCG Station in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) is an open forum for the exchange of operational and technical information on small boats and craft between government agencies and the maritime community. Information on new technologies and new product offerings, as well as information on Army and Navy service craft, Navy and Coast Guard patrol boats, Navy and USMC expeditionary craft, and Naval Special Warfare craft, are highlighted in chaired technical presentations, vendor and agency displays, and in-water demonstrations.

ASIS Boats is a world leader in providing advanced maritime solutions in Rigid Inflatable Boats. We bring concepts to reality, providing you with the solution to your most complex needs.

Recognizing that each owner, organization or agency has its individual specific requirements, each rigid inflatable boat is built to order.
Built in either Fiberglass (Air Hull®) or marine grade Aluminum hull, all our Rigid Inflatable Boats hypalon sponsons can be fitted with either pneumatic or our unique Hyb Foam® technology.

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